Historically, natural stone was the first material ever used for construction.

Not only is it aesthetically attractive, but it is resistant, compact, and hard and this makes it better than artificial products. Stone boasts excellent thermal conductivity, great heat storage capacity and offers natural insulation both thermal and acoustic.

Non-flammable material (class A construction material), non-toxic, hygienic and eco-friendly. Quarries are required to comply with strict regulations to protect the environment when they extract stone. The use of stone has a lower environmental impact than that of composite materials. Producers of composite materials must assemble and pigment them chemically. The financial and environmental cost of this procedure is higher than that incurred by extracting natural stone. Static charge does not build up in stone and it is undoubtedly one of the most biocompatible materials currently on the market.

Natural stone, with its huge range of delicate colours (white, beige, pink, ochre, grey) and materials, is the ideal material for all your building projects, whether classical or contemporary.

These are the natural stones that we work with, from softest to hardest depending on your environment: Estaillade stone, Lens stone, Luget stone, Limeyrat stone, Serena stone, Istria and Comblanchien stone.



Marble is a stone used for the inside (columns, marble bathrooms, kitchen worktops) and the outside (pool copings, façades claddings, paving). It adds elegance to your living rooms and longevity to your claddings.

It is particularly soft to the touch, easy to maintain, resistant and comes in a variety of shapes and colours.

Atelier PRETE in Puget-sur-Argens stocks the following marbles: Botticino marble, yellow Giallo Atlantide marble, white Carrara marble, Istria stone, Marquina black marble, Trani beige marble, Travertine beige and ochre marble, Asiago pink marble, etc.



Granite has high density and resists air and liquids - it is therefore perfect for kitchen worktops and bathrooms. It hardly wears at all and not only is extremely durable but is also very attractive.

Choose one of our finest granites for your kitchen worktop: our extremely on-trend Zimbabwe black granite, Shivakashi beige granite, Labrador Antique with brown crystallised flecks, Antique Brown granite with shades of black and brown, the modern grey of Atlantic Lava Stone, etc.



Slate is a noble and natural material from the schist family. It is particularly fine-grained and resistant.

This makes it an ideal roofing material. We use it essentially to make doorsteps and windowsills.

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