Enhance your entrances
and terraces

Delightful natural stone pillars cannot fail to enhance your entrance and add a touch of style and elegance to terraces and façades.

We stock a wide range of pillars: monolithic pillars with several sections, trusses and capitals carved into diamond peak shapea, balls or anything you wish. The pillars are in stone veneer or solid stone and have been pierced to bring them into line with seismic regulations

Please feel free to consult us at our showroom in Puget-sur-Argens (Var) where you are sure to find the perfect bespoke pillar.

  • Entrance pillars (Château la Martinette in Le Thoronet, Le Clos des Roses in Fréjus)
  • Façade pillars (Hôtel de Paris***** à Saint-Tropez)
  • Terrace pillars
  • Decorative pillars (Château des Launes in La Garde-Freinet)
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